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Published on November 20, 2023

Spooky season is approaching, and with it comes the business season. Halloween is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year, both by the consumer as well as business communities. People typically don't hesitate to spend money during the spooky season, making Halloween one of the best times of the year for businesses. Costumes, decorations, sweets, and party materials are frequently bought by consumers, which considerably boosts store sales. The creativity and innovation that come along with Halloween provide entrepreneurs with a golden opportunity to showcase their skills and avail maximum of this season. Here, we will help you find cool Halloween name ideas for your store or businesses and discuss the best Halloween name generator to boost your sales this spooky season!

1.  Halloween Costume Store Names:

A costume store is one of the best side businesses to start in the fall during the creepy season. Halloween is all about costumes and dressing up. Costume designing and creativity are the essence of Halloween, that’s why the costume business thrives the most during the spooky season. Now if you want to beat your competitors in the market, you need a creative and spooky Halloween name idea for your store. By using a Halloween name generator, you will find the best name combination that will stand your store out in the market. You can try:

2.  Halloween Candy and Confectionery Shop Names:

In addition to costumes, candy is another business idea that can earn you hefty amounts during the spooky season. Children dress up in exciting costumes and go door to door to ask for candies. Full-time candy and bakery shops do get profits from this season. However, new entrepreneurs can also buy and sell candy wholesale and avail maximum profit from Halloween. You can learn more about how brand name impacts business success. To attract many customers, they must use a catchy and interesting Halloween name for their candy store. Some cool and Spooky Names for Halloween candy and confectionery shops can be:

3.  Halloween Party and Decoration Stores Names:

Another important business idea during the Halloween season is party and decoration supplies. Halloween is a great time to have parties, especially for teenagers and high schoolers that go crazy this time of year. Party decorations include fake spider webs, fake skeletons and human bones, pumpkin decorations, which hats and cauldrons, fake blood, confetti, dark-colored light bulbs, etc. Young people and party planners will throw their money at you if you find a good enough name to attract these customers. You can use these party Halloween store names or use a Halloween name generator:

4.  Halloween Tattoo Parlour Names:

Another business that can thrive during the Halloween season is a tattoo parlor or a body shop. People use Halloween as an opportunity to showcase their creativity and uniqueness via costumes and body art. The need for tattooing services may rise as more people get temporary or permanent tattoos to improve their scary or themed appearances.
Additionally, Halloween tattoos sometimes feature elaborate and distinctive design elements, such as skulls, ghosts, pumpkins, and spiders. This gives tattoo artists a chance to show off their abilities and produce unique designs that fit the season. Having a spooky and catchy named tattoo parlour will increase the chance of getting more customers.

5.  Halloween Escape Room Names:

Starting escape rooms is another brilliant idea for a Halloween business and for earning big bucks. Halloween is all about exciting experiences that provide people with an adrenaline rush and interactive immersion. Escape rooms have the right essence of Halloween and could prove to be a fruitful start-up for a business during the spooky season. How good and scary your escape room is depicted by how good a name you choose for it. You can search for Halloween business names to find the perfect catchy name, or use a Halloween business name generator. You can also try one of these names for your Halloween escape rooms.

6.  Halloween Haunted House Attraction Names:

The most underrated business idea during the spooky season is a haunted house attraction. It can attract more customers by embracing the Halloween spirit. It is also in seasonal demand during the spooky season. It requires just a one-time setup and is good to go for the whole season. the best thing about it is the entertainment it provides to the visitors. The horror-movie-like experience gives the adrenaline rush to the customers and they want to come back repeatedly. A haunted house with a spooky and catchy name can also create good social media appeal. If you find the right name for your haunted house, you can earn a year’s worth of profit just from the Halloween season. Try some of these names or use a Halloween name generator.

7.  Halloween Bar Names:

A bar is an excellent and profitable idea for a Halloween business. You do not need to open up a new bar from scratch just for the Halloween season; instead, by making some modifications, you can generate great revenue from your bar on Halloween. You must decorate your bar with pumpkins, spider webs, bats, and, cauldrons. Encourage costumes and offer prizes. Extend bar hours to get more business. Issue VIP tickets and entry. Make custom Halloween spooky drinks and snacks. Have a spooky photo booth. And for the season, modify your bar name to attract more Halloween enthusiasts. Go for catchy and inciting options like:

8.  Halloween Bookstore Names:

An unusual, however creative business idea for Halloween is a bookstore. You might wonder who would go to a bookstore on a festive and wild night like Halloween. However, some people seek the comfort and quietness of the fantasy of the book world. You can target these people especially those who are big fans of the horror writer Stephen King. You can transform your bookstore into a horror store by Creating a carefully curated collection of Halloween-themed books, horror novels, and paranormal mysteries. Host a costume contest and encourage customers to dress as their favorite book characters. Organise readings of spooky stories or ghost tales by local authors or storytellers. Change the bookstore’s name for the Halloween season using a Halloween name generator like:

9.  Horror Movie Screening Names:

Last but not least, you can start a horror movie screening business during the Halloween season. It can attract people who do not have many friends or peers, or those who do not like watching horror movies alone. It can be a highly profitable business for the holiday season, requiring very little investment. However, the name of your Halloween business will certainly showcase the quality of your service. That's why you should brainstorm to find good Halloween name ideas for your horror movie business, or you can use a Halloween name generator tool to come up with a catchy and spooky name that attracts more customers. You can also try one of these:

What is Namobot?

You did not like the names mentioned above? No worries! There is a free tool called Namobot.com, which generates company names. It can find the perfect names for just about any business, start-up, or mobile app out of over 30 million word combinations. Simply type in a word or phrase to use the tool, and it will present a list of creative and entertaining related names. Namobot is incredibly good at names and is simple and quick. You just have to type in clues, and one clue can generate thousands of name ideas.

A good spooky name is one that is catchy, intriguing, and easy to say. It must relate to the theme of Halloween and invite customers to your business. Using a Halloween name generator like Namobot provides you with hundreds of good Halloween names that can increase the customer traffic to your business and help you avail maximum profits from the Halloween season. 

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