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About Namobot

Namobot is an all-rounder name generating tool that can help you name most things in the online world today. You want to buy a new domain or if you want to make a mobile application, you can find plenty of name suggestions and choices with this tool. We are dedicated to providing simple, unique and sometimes a little bit funny names that anyone would like to have. You can instantly know if a name you are looking for is taken already or not.

Just look at our own name, it’s simple, fun and makes total sense. And we want you to have a smart name like ours too. Using the tool is pretty easy and just takes a few seconds. We try to cover every aspect of finding a name from searching for common domains to finding relevant similar terms.

And if you are wondering if we are here to steal domain names, you could not be more wrong. We are here to just help you find the right name for your thing and domain theft is not exactly our growth strategy. You can trust us with your searches and put your creative to flow. We did the same and that is why you are here!