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So How Exactly Namobot’s Store Name Generator Works, Among Other Things..

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How it works?

So what, exactly, does our tool do? Among other things ...

So you are opening a store and need a fantastic name for it? Namobot will focus on the main theme or product category of your store to search for related terms and synonyms. It uses simple, short but captivating words to form names for your store. With so many e-commerce businesses to compete with, Nambot will make sure you have a unique name and do not end up taking a name that already exists. With tens of thousands of words in its database, you get ample choice and directions to go with.

Social Media Usernames

Your online store will need a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You need a striking but consistent name for your social media accounts too. With Namobot’s search tool, you can find out the availability of a social media username. With the right name, your campaigns will do well with your audience and you will get more engagement.

Go for the common Suffix - Make your store easily searchable by getting common suffixes like .com.
Don’t limit your demographic - Avoid limiting yourself to one country because you never know when you might want to expand your strore.
Simplicity is the way forward - If you want people to instantly memorize your brand name, choose a simple and short name but make sure it has the connotation of a store.
Always search with correct spellings - You should use correct spelling of clue words to search for names.
Know who you are selling to - Keep the niche of your store in mind when choosing the clue words and eventually the name for the store.
Use the main category of products - Focus on the main category or line of products rather than one particular product. If you are selling cosmetics, your name cannot be something related to eyelashes.