Why Your Online Store Needs A .Store Domain

Published on November 20, 2023

Shopping websites are the essence of the e-commerce business. The online stores serve as a platform between buyers and sellers over the Internet. As convenient as it is for buyers, online store prove to be very beneficial for business owners too. An online store gives your business a virtual marketplace where millions of people can browse, compare, and share your products to buy them. However, a store domain is very important for a business to build a brand identity and familiarise people with your business. Although easy to register, store domain does take some time and effort to be named. A good domain name reflects the quality of your business. Here, we have put a guide on how to snag the perfect store domain name, the importance of a store domain, and how can you make more online sales with a .store domain.

What are domain names?

Your online store's identity is represented by its domain name. It is the address that users would enter to access your website in the search field. However, it's not merely a web address, it is more than just a URL. When a consumer visits your website, they will see it right away. This domain name will define the perception of your online store, how credible it is Store domain, and the number of sales you get. A good store domain could make or break the deal for you. So, here are a few tips on choosing the perfect store domain name.

How to choose a domain name?

Choosing the domain name for your online store is crucial and should not be taken for granted. Here are a few tips for choosing the perfect store domain for your business:

1. Be relevant:

It is important to stay relevant to your niche while choosing the store domain name for your website. Relevancy in the domain name will show what your business is about. It will give your customers an idea about the nature of your business and what kind of products you sell.

2. Short and simple:

A tip to make your store domain catchy and memorable is to keep it short and simple. Simple, short domain names are easy to remember and generate positive word-of-mouth recommendations. They are also easier to type in the search bar, unlike long and complex domain names that are prone to be misspelled or forgotten.

3. Use keywords:

You must choose the .store domain to help you in search engine optimization. Including relevant keywords can help you get a higher SEO ranking. Consider adding words to your domain name that people might type when searching you and related products. However, do not just dump keywords into the domain, making it complex and difficult.

4. Avoid numbers and hyphens:

Adding numbers, hyphens, or other special characters would just complicate your store domain name. People find it difficult to remember your domain name when it has hyphens and digits.it is also harder to type it in as compared to a domain that contains just letters. You will also be losing word-of-mouth referrals by using numbers and special characters in your domain.

5. Avoid double and capital letters:

You should avoid using double letters when choosing a store domain name. Confusion can result from double letters, particularly when spoken aloud or on mobile devices. A simple, short domain name is usually easier to remember and more aesthetically pleasant.  Double letters might occasionally come off as less refined or professional. The same is the case with capital letters, they are difficult to communicate verbally and can result in errors.

6. Think long term:

Your store domain name should serve you in the long run. A common error committed by many is titling their websites after current trends. These trends become outdated in a while, resulting in no significance of the domain name. Choose a versatile domain name that would stay relevant for the long term.

7. Be unique to your brand:

Your store domain must be unique to your brand. Do not try similar words of bigger brands to get a better SEO. Align your store domain to your brand. A domain name associated with your brand specifically, will leave a good impression on your customers and will showcase your authenticity and credibility. It will make you stand out among your competitors.

8. Choose the right extension:

Selecting the appropriate extension for your e-commerce website is crucial. There are several domain extensions available that you can use like .com, .net, .org, etc. .com is the most common generic TLD with over 233.5m registered domains. However, for an online store domain, the best TLD extension to use is .store. This domain will build a reputation of a trusted online store even before visiting your site.

9. Avoid Trademark issues:

You must ensure that the domain name you chose is completely organic and is not taken up by someone else. Many people register their domain name after deciding everything and then come to know that the name has already been registered. To check if your domain name is already trademarked, use the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)'s Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS).

10. Test spelling and pronunciation:

As discussed above, the spelling and pronunciation of your store domain matter a lot. If your domain name is difficult to say, it won’t get many referrals. Same with spellings. You must counter-check that the name you are going to register is the same you intended. Google also autocorrects spellings if you try to use the unique combination. For example, tumblr.com is often corrected to tumbler, especially for new users.

11. Be quick to register:

Once you have met all the requirements and decided all the parameters of your domain name, register it. There are many apps and websites that can aid you in registering and trademarking your store domain. You can negotiate with the owner of the domain or consider registering another top-level domain or an alternative extension from reputable sources like namecheap.com

Should I Buy a .store Domain Name?

A .store domain extension is a Top Level Domain (TLD) that is specifically created to cater to the e-commerce needs of online sellers. It is targeted at retail businesses, e-commerce sites, and shopping portals and is a fantastic alternative for .com. With its intuitive design and multilingual recognition, a good store domain can boost your online sales. The online store is becoming more and more popular, thus the .store domain extension is here to stay. You should get a .store domain for the following reasons:


Namobot - Domain Name Generator:

Namobot is a free tool that generates domain names. It can find the perfect names for any business, website, start-up, or mobile app out of over 30 million word combinations and more than 10,000 users. Simply type in a word or phrase to use the tool, and it will present a list of creative and entertaining related names. Namobot is incredibly good at creating names and is simple and quick. You just have to type in clues and one clue can generate thousands of name ideas.
Based on the keywords you provide to Namobot, it will generate hundreds and thousands of names with available extensions. You just have to give the ideas on how you want your domain name, and Namobot will deliver. It also serves as an availability or trademark checker, so if the name you chose has already been taken, it will notify you before you register. Namobot is an efficient, competent, and fast way of selecting a domain name for your online store!

Selecting a domain name is an important choice for your online store, as it may affect the long-term success of your brand. Take your time coming up with ideas, doing your homework, and selecting a name that suits both your target market and your brand. Try domain name generators like Namobot.com, GoDaddy.com, and Namecheap.com to get quick and efficient name ideas for your online store domain!

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