Best Practices: How To Choose A Company's Website Domain Name

Published on April 15, 2024

The right domain name gives you a jumpstart to reach out to your target audience faster. It’s crucial for your success. A wrong domain name can put you under the shadows for a long time unless you improvise your search engine strategies and throw bucks into your paid marketing department.

However, many business owners face trouble creating a name that can fit their niche, define their goal, and is SEO optimized. So, to save you from spending sleepless nights brainstorming names, here is a complete guide to follow. You can find the technical tips along with the rules of thumb to create the perfect domain name in no time. So, read on.

1.  Stick with .com

It should be your priority to go with the .com domain. Instead of .net, .service, .pizza or any other extension. Even though it’s not easy to come up with a niche-specific domain name with this extension but if you succeed in doing so your brand will be able to capture the maximum exposure on the search engine.

Wondering why? Well, extensions like .ninja or .photography hinder the appearance of brands and make them appear in search engines less often. Hence, if you have a service-oriented brand like Alex’s event planning services, you can plan a name in this format:

2.  Index Your Main Keyword in the Name

Never forget to drop out the missing keyword in your name. If you are focusing on organically strengthening your brand, the keyword will help you make the right impact. For instance, in the domain name; Event planning is the main keyword also in word Namo from the Name.

3.  Keep It Precise and Interesting

No need to use more than two words in your domain name. Often, lengthy names become hard to remember. Your name should be simple, catchy, and interesting to stick in the mind of your consumers.

4.  Make It Unique and Brandable

If you want to go with a unique strategy, you have to stay prepared to plan the marketing wing in its full bloom. Names like Instagram and Facebook have a psychological impact. These brands do not merely rely on organic reach, instead they have tech-savvies with them to shape their brand identity. So, if you are going with a unique name, make sure you are not tight on your budget.

5.  Name Should Be Easy To Remember

No need to use complex synonyms or terminologies in the name. It can create difficulty memorizing them. The simpler, the better.

6.  Avoid the Use of Hyphen

Never create a domain name with a hyphen in it. If you can, try to avoid the dot (.) in your name as well. For example, instead of going for go for

7.  Never Go With Double Letters

Choose a name with single letters as it avoids making typing errors. For example, names like might become complex to type in one go.

8.  Your Name Must Have A Leave Room to Expand

Never limit your brand name to a specific service. For example, if you are about to start an app development blog spot with guides and tutorials do not create a name like as you never know when you plan on starting your own service-providing agency. Then in that case you will have to build a new domain from scratch. So, do not plan to get more than one domain name, instead make one the right way.

9.  Carry Out an Extensive Research

Always rely on researching instead of brainstorming the name cluelessly. You must get inspiration from multiple sites like or any other service provider. Apart from this, you can even look for the right trademark for your brand, as that will help you create your name quickly as well. Go on the United States Patent and Trademark Site and search for the right trademark.

10.  You Can Count On Domain Name Generators

domain name generator can be of great help to you as well. There are many platforms like GoDaddy and Nameboy. These sites show names that are not available and even help in creating multiple combinations with your desired keyword.

11.  Do Not Waste Your Precious Time Thinking

You must act quickly before someone else grabs the name you are planning to go with. Thousands of business owners are hunting for a good name on the internet and it’s never easy to create a name and get it before anybody else pays for it.

12.  Hosting Service Providing Free Domain Registration

If you want to save yourself from the troubles of finding a good domain name, you can rely on web hosting service providers such as:
Bluehost- It is one of the popular web hosting service providers that offer free domain registration to its clients. They have teams of experts who have the expertise and smartness to come up with a catchy domain name.
HostGator- It’s one of the finest brands with shrewd teams of professionals. They also offer free domain registration bundled with their web hosting services.
However, do note that these service providers offer domain registration with a 1-year subscription only. You may have to renew your registration after 12 months. And do ask them to keep you in the loop while finalizing the name, as it’s your brand and you must stay involved every step of the way.

13.  Consult The Best Domain Registrars

If you are going through a difficult time creating your domain name, you can count on the best domain registrar for quick help. Brands like,, and have exciting budget-friendly packages for entrepreneurs.

Best 7 Rules of Thumb To Follow

Now that you are fully aware of all the technicalities involved in creating a domain name, learn these interesting rules of thumb to put the cherry on top.

1.  It Should Be Easy to Say

Your name should be easy to read and say. It should be simple for the listeners to hear as well. For example, a poor name like is hard to say. It may even create tongue slips while addressing.

2.  It Should Be To Type

Your name must not have complex spellings. Not all consumers are spell-masters. And most importantly, keep in mind the language used in your target region while picking the domain name.

3.  It Should Be Interesting and Attention-Grabbing

Your name must have the clarity to communicate your services to your clients. They should feel connected to it in an instant. For example, Tech Crunch, its leading blog spot related to tech. You do not have to go to its site to learn about its purpose. The motto is clear in the name, and the way it is formatted creates a high level of impact on its readers and visitors. This is the sort of name you must plan for.

4.  It Must Not Be Cryptic

Some brands often use subliminal messages negatively to create their names attention-grabbing. Do not fall for such tricks. Your name must reflect professionalism and a clear sophistication in its tone.

5.  Keep A Few Syllables as Possible

Your domain name should have fewer syllables to make it easy to pronounce. Names like: perform poorly. So, instead, go with

6.  Resonate With Your Brand Identity

Names like are a bit lengthy, but it's catchy, interesting, and directly define the purpose of the platform. These are some lucky names that despite having a long chain keyword, outshine many competitors.

7.  Number Copy Others Domain Name

Getting inspiration is one thing but rewording a domain name can damage your brand image right from the start. Hence, do take inspiration from other leading brands and try to understand what message or meaning their name hold. Brainstorm your name with a clear message if it does not involve any keyword and you want to go with some creative combinations.

Why Create A Unique Domain Name?

As much as your business operations are important to you, so must be its identity. With a professional domain, you shape the image of your brand. You give your name a personality, which is then carried in all the other forms of marketing. Whether you go from social media marketing to search engine optimization, you carry the same personality you created through your domain name.
Moreover, on the search engine, you may find thousands of brands competing with each other. With the help of a strong brand name, you get to secure a leading position to rank your business. It helps in attracting potential clients and generating maximum revenues. Your business gets stability in an early stage and can promise a progressive future.

Wrap Up

No need to rush into creating a name. Take as much time as you're to think about a name that can truly define your brand and fit right as per the technical aspects. Moreover, never hesitate to seek out professional help. Discuss the name with your colleagues or teammates and give it the importance it needs to craft the perfect identity for your brand.

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