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Alex Bill keeps a close eye on what’s cooking up in the society. This prompts him to write about a variety of subjects. However, technology and fashion are two subjects he’s most passionate about. As an avid tech enthusiast, Alex is obsessed with big data, IoT and automation. And as committed fashion geek, he keeps up with latest trends and styles. When he’s not contributing to a blog, Alex Bill is busy with his Siberian husky, Tywin –who is a “very good boy”.

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How AI, IoT and Big Data Are Disrupting Retail

Virtual Trial Rooms can give customers a preview of they’d look in different apparel. Robots could replace human salesman in the near future. Smart shelves inform managers when they’re low on a particular product. Online shopping sites have been encroaching Read more…

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What Makes Vimeo One Of The Best Video Hosting Platforms?

Vimeo is free video platform. It is ad free. This platform is launched to offer its users free video streaming services. YouTube is the biggest competitor of Vimeo till date. Vimeo was first launched in 2004 by Jake Lodwick and Read more…

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Mistakes That Cause 75% Startups To Fail (And How You Can Avoid Them)

My friends and I often discussed starting our own businesses after college. It was mostly silly and outlandish ideas so none of us ever followed up. Well none, except one who always wanted to start a pet grooming service. In the Read more…

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The Ultimate Guide to SSL Certificates | Prices, Discounts, Vendors, Stats

Have you ever noticed the lock sign at the left corner whenever you open a website? If you click it, a message will appear stating that the “connection is secure”. But how is your browser so sure about that the Read more…

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Smart Tips For Finding A Winning Domain Name For A Restaurant

Giving a company an excellent domain name is both critical for its success as well as a cognitive pursuit. Entrepreneurs often choose lousy names and signal the worldwide web that they do not take the company naming business seriously and Read more…

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Start Up Tips From 6 Industry Giants

It is very scary to start your own company as you are risking all your lifelong investments in one single project, which can either succeed or fail. That is why most of the people prefer 9-5 jobs over starting their Read more…

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Here’s How A Business Name Generator Helps When Naming Your Business

You have a great idea; you have a solid business plan. You have all the capital sorted. But do you have a great business name? This is one of the core problems of starting a new business. The name is Read more…

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8 Blunders New Entrepreneurs Should Avoid At All Costs

The entrepreneurial spirit is a gift. Not everyone has it and not everyone can dare to do what it takes to be an entrepreneur. If you have it in you and want to start your own business, you have come Read more…

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